Speed Queen Washers & Dryers

Equip Your Laundry Room with High-Efficiency Machines


Coin-Operated Line

Today, multi-housing owners are continuously confronted with issues such as energy conservation, equipment breakdowns, and vandalism. That’s why when it comes to coin-operated washers and dryers, features such as water and energy-efficient designs, quality internal components, and high-security systems are among the most important factors to consider when equipping a laundry room.

Speed Queen’s coin washer, single-load, and stack dryer also increase process speed and lower utility costs, benefiting building management. Residents will have increased flexibility of independent selections of hot, warm, and cold wash temperatures and two-speed wash and spin actions.

HEALD Laundries can design a laundry solution to meet the needs of your property. Residents will appreciate the added convenience, while property management benefits from increased revenue.

Speed Queen Washers and Dryers

Are heavy duty and energy-efficient. With a simplistic design and attractive styling, the easy-to-use control panel features a variety of cycle and temperature settings to assure the best laundering possible.


Three Fabric Types

Choose from regular, Perm Press and Delicate

Dryer 2

Six Drying Cycles

Offers a wide variety of cycle selections for every load type and size.

Washer 1

Unprecedented Control

Users can customize cycles by selecting between wash temperatures, three spin levels and pre-wash and extra rinse options.

Washer 2

Six Preset Cycles

Allows users to quickly select from the most common cycles, including an energy efficient Eco cycle.

All the controls are easy to ready, digital displays that allow residents to see how their load is progressing and ensure that machines turn over quickly.